The battle between unlikely heroes and demonic forces begins.
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9th Jan 2015, 12:00 AM in Act Two: Contact
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Author Notes:

BlueDragon edit delete 8th Jul 2015, 12:00 AM

This page is very different than the original, as the next page was set up to give Kanna more agency.

Apologies that the comments below from prior to Oct. 2020 reference a scene that has changed. You can see the old page here, if you want :3


MadJak91 edit delete reply 8th Jul 2015, 6:26 AM
That was some dirty trick :D
BlueDragon edit delete reply 8th Jul 2015, 9:26 PM
Yep yep. See if she stays the butt of the joke :P
BitterBadger edit delete reply 3rd Apr 2020, 11:46 PM
Rhina's got some cool judo moves goin' on there! Nice action page.
BlueDragon edit delete reply 4th Apr 2020, 11:56 AM
She often underestimates herself XD

I did end up changing this page a bit, though, to give Kanna more agency XD I liked the action, but I felt I was making her princess needing to be rescued XD