The battle between unlikely heroes and demonic forces begins.
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Heal Check

2nd Apr 2021, 6:00 PM
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Heal Check
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Author Notes:

BlueDragon edit delete 2nd Apr 2021, 6:00 PM
Soooo, this one came to me when I was playing DnD last week XD It's not exactly how you play, but you get the joke XD

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Just the monthly Q & A :)


Marcel edit delete reply 4th Apr 2021, 1:02 PM
The link to the forum thread regarding submissions links to this page instead.
BlueDragon edit delete reply 4th Apr 2021, 3:05 PM
Thanks Marcel! I messed up the html coding (I'm not a coder, if you couldn't tell XD XD). It should work now, but just in case:

Linkie, Linkie, Linkie.
MadJak91 edit delete reply 4th Apr 2021, 2:32 PM
lmao, yeah. I think all of these have exactly such moments :D
Sometimes you somehow get a sniper in the middle of the battlefield, somehow you bring down three Space Marines and somehow the rest of the squad fails morale checks and they withdraw.
...then you also try to quietly withdraw but in person.
BlueDragon edit delete reply 4th Apr 2021, 3:07 PM
Ha ha, right! Like the character I play has a disgustingly high wisdom, and really high diplomacy and always, always it's "whooops! You rolled a natural one" and they fumble the thing they're supposed to be good at... every time! XD XD
jmluvsbob edit delete reply 18th Jun 2021, 1:47 PM
And then at least a five or greater for charisma check to ensure that she was appreciative of you healing her (I will admit I’ve only played DnD twice).
BlueDragon edit delete reply 18th Jun 2021, 10:32 PM
XD XD I am awful with math, so I always got so flustered playing in person table top. The only game I'm part of now, we play online in Roll20. It does all the math XD It's fun, though, since our friends have moved all over (we're in Oregon, one's in Chicago, another in Southern Illinois, and a couple in St. Louis). One of the few social things we got to do all last year o_O