Demons, faeries, and humans clash following the deaths of millions at the hands of a man-made epidemic.
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22nd May 2019, 5:00 PM in Act Nine: Battle Royal
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BlueDragon edit delete 22nd May 2019, 5:00 PM



Well, while visiting my family...I got sick. I feel bad, 'cause Mom had it much much worse than it's hitting me, but I still feel crummy.
At least this week the page is screen-toned! There's always a bright side, surely?

And a George Harrison song/Beatles reference ("It's All Too Much," from Yellow Submarine :D) 'Cause I haven't been doing that much lately, and I want to XD

This week's video is inking this page. I inked it as soon as I got home, before the cold hit me full on. Audio however...was not recorded before the cold.

Cerulean Dreams Website

Crystal Lotus Chronicles


MadJak91 edit delete reply 24th May 2019, 10:36 AM
Not going to pretend I have a PhD in summoning and evil spirits but since they are like an amalgam (is that the correct word in this case ? but anyway) of tortured souls then usually you can talk to them inside their own little sad dimension and uh, reason with them?
You said they are controlled though, not acting on their own so hm.
BlueDragon edit delete reply 24th May 2019, 12:56 PM
If you had a PhD in it, I'd both be impressed and probably scared XD

I realize I haven't really been explaining her magic very well. It's something that I will go into much later, but it's probably a good idea to talk about it now XD Oo! Or maybe I'll have a little intermission like other artists to talk about it? Hm...not sure. I may just talk about it in a video.


Hm...ordinarily, something like with Full Metal Alchemist, the souls maintain their consciousness (in the manga and Brotherhood--I don't think they did in the first anime.)

The way I handle it is different, I guess XD So, what I'm trying to envision, is souls as both the conscious soul, but also as a magical form of energy. So kinda scientific energy, but more so like a magic energy? I think that I could explain it that way?

Um...a soul normally would inhabit a single body, and when the body dies the soul would either be content and rest within the world, that is become one with the magical world by choice, until the end of existence--or it could chose to remount the wheel of time and be re-incarnated.

I'm having a bit of trouble explaining it...since this part I still haven't flushed out and is most important at the end of the series. But the wheel is something Shimiko references and often is seen holding. It will be a major player in following series.

So Keisuma has collected a bunch of these souls, and she's compressed them together, which is what is considered Dark Magic (because it's not a natural process and it involves conscious souls. It's cruel, so aside from Black Wizards and the Unseelie court--basically your Dark Magic characters--it's considered taboo and unnatural.)

So they've been forcefully pulled from their bodies, and put into a containment vessel. The space is small, and the souls are constantly bouncing off each other, so over long periods of time, they undergone some sort of "fission?" I think that's the right term?

Following splits of the soul particles, the particles undergo fusion with opposing particles and reform: but not as the same soul they were, just whatever bits are near by. I mean, I'm not a scientist, so I'm sure my science is completely wrong (am I "Stan Lee-ing this?) But what essentially has happened, is she compresses them down and all of what/who they were eventually mixes together.

So they become this mass of energy, with partial consciousness, but are so mixed up they really have no ability to think individually and more so are just in spiritual pain and feel either anger or extreme agony.

If they'd just been captured and stored individually, they would have maintained all consciousness, or at least "humanity," and could have re-incarnated (this will happen in the series, but no spoilers ;) )

Or they could have been released and the "natural" magic processes of the world would have broken down and absorbed the magic components of the soul, and they would have been part of the natural magic cycle until the "end time." Alternatively, if they hadn't been compressed for a long time, then if released, they could possibly have pulled their consciousness from the mass and rejoined the natural processes.

I guess that could be the blobs kind of pulling away (I will admit, that wasn't my initial intent when drawing it: I just wanted to show their agony.) But since Kei's controlling their trajectory, they can't get away.

Just a little more info:

They've been unnaturally removed from their bodies, and encapsulated into Keisuma's "ivory stone" (which is the piece of polished bone she herself had been captured in after her war with the Fae.) Not-so-coincidentally, Keisuma actually has interacted with these other souls on a "spiritual" level, since her own soul was in there with them. It was a form of "poetic justice" for her crimes against the fae (humans/fae/daemons/etc they all have souls.) She was aided by something else to keep her from completely fusing with the other souls. That, I can't talk about, though. Because spoilers ;)

Last kind of related, but kind of unrelated note:

I will say, demon souls are different from daemon souls. I liken the term "daemon" to the US mis-use of "Indian" for indigenous people in North America (Native Americans.) It's just a mislabeling of the different race of fae. A demon is not a fae, and is not human. BUT in this world, fae (faeries, whatever) are a race of human (as in at the core, they're the same species, and can reproduce and produce offspring that can reproduce-they have just developed differently than humans. Is this like sub-species? I'm getting out of my element here!) But the differentiation between "demons" and "daemons" is important, and I'm trying to make it confusing intentionally. :3

I'm yakking a lot. But I wanted to kind of work through what my intentions with Dark Magics are.
MadJak91 edit delete reply 26th May 2019, 11:37 AM
Well, you most certainly do I see. LMAO

Oh boy...

What does it mean to pull a soul forcefully out of somebody's body? To kill them and never allow the soul to leave the world on its own? Because you previously said the souls are people the Big K killed. I guess you die anyway and I just understood kill as kill.
You mentioned the phenomenon twice in the thesis here.

It does make sense to me :>
It is not like there is anything to argue anyway. Nobody is compressing souls and there are no soul particles. What rules you have are the law and you should only keep the rules consistent from now on in relation to other rules. If you have your own soul od spirit physics then treat it as such for real.
For example, in the Gundam universe (which is ours in the near future but does not matter) there are new particles. Minovsky particles. And let me tell you, I found actual fictional formulas, physics and chemistry related to them in bonus materials and they make sense within the fictional stuff. Wow. I would not worry about it as long as you are consistent.

Kinoko Nasu in his work sometimes has mages who can put extra magical energy into gems and crystals by using impurities and defects in their crystal structure. Clever! And no need to speculate on it further.

So uh... The way I get it is something like a highly edited ideal gas law. When you compress gas its volume goes down and once the gas can no longer be compressed further, its temperature is directly proportional to its pressure. Meaning the work is spent on heating it.
So here once you can no longer compress more souls into this blobby mess, it simply produces the energy you described and becomes dangerous like this.
BlueDragon edit delete reply 27th May 2019, 3:01 PM
Oh man! I need to watch more Gundam. I loved Gundam Wing, and I wanted to get into more of it, but...alas...time! I found an anime site, I might see if they have some of the series :D

You probably know a lot more about these scientific laws than I do XD I think the different states of matter is fascinating, though! There's so much we don't know, and so much that's been discovered since I was in school, too! Plasma like the sun is really interesting. But it's so intense, how does one study it? The people who CAN are just beyond amazing, in my opinion. I'm woefully ignorant of most of what's going on these days in the world of science/biology/physics.

For your question, see below.

Short answer:
The soul can be forcefully removed magically, as I talked about last time. That forced removal causes negative energy. If the person's killed first, the soul naturally leaves the body: it's when the soul leaves the body against its choice that Dark Magic can be created. When Kei extracts the soul, she basically "kills" the person/being, because their body will die without its soul or someone caring for the body. She goes the extra step, though: she also destroys the body after taking the soul, as a precaution.

*The soul naturally leaves the body at death, or will oddly sometimes leave before--something has to cause this, or a person could chose to have their soul leave, if they know how (astral projection, out of body experiences, etc.) In cases of the soul leaving intentionally/willfully, no negative energy is created--other than whatever is in the person's soul at the time. A person in a coma is one whose soul has left their body: without care, they would die. But the soul could return*

Really detailed answer: Read at your own risk! XD Some of this will be learned in the story, but a lot of it would be hard to go into...maybe I will. I haven't decided yet. Right now, they're just on their journey to stop a demon ;)

~Souls can be either positive, negative, or neutral in their aura.

~A negative energy doesn't necessarily equate "evil," but "evil" people tend to have more negative energy (and vice versa for "good" people.)

~A person is usually not completely negative or positive: most are neutral, or they have relatively equal amounts of positive and negative, which equates a neutral (although neutral is its own category.) A soul's energy is usually in constant flux, aside from truly neutral souls. A true neutral is sort of rare, though.

~If a person dies a normal or natural death, their souls will probably either be neutral or positive, even if their aura was negative during their life.

~More negative souls re-incarnate than positive. If they maintain their negative energy when they die, something probably will compel them to re-incarnate. This is why there's usually less negative energies/magic vs. positive/neutral energies/magic.

~While negative energies are naturally occurring in the world, too much negative energy is a bad thing. No one, even the fae studying magic, know why for sure. In magic, there is no "too much" positive magic-that magic users can tell. Same for neutral: too much of either doesn't seem to harm or corrupt.

~Too much negative energies corrupt the natural world and the flow of magic. Pulling a soul from an unwilling participant automatically results in a negative aura, as it's against one's will. So Kei, by pulling the soul from the body, amasses negative energy. If a person volunteers their soul, the energy would not be negative. This is why self sacrifice is kinda...a better option? It does still produce magic/energy that can be contained, though ;)

~The body itself could live on without a soul. That results in a "zombie."

~Unless someone's caring for the body, or it's put in a stasis/protected from the ravages of time, the body will starve. So by pulling a soul from a body, you're essentially (*usually*) killing them.

~Zombies are very difficult to deal with and control. It's very hard to give one enough consciousness to care for itself (usually, they just ramble around mindlessly. Some will try to eat things out of instinct, but generally die of undernourishment/dehydration. It can be done, but it takes a lot of work that no one really has time for (usually.)

~Kei's powerful, but not powerful enough to control an army of "undead." She almost always will kill the body after stealing the soul (unless there's a use for the body--the mind will retain what the person's learned in life, but that "data" has to be accessed somehow. The soul is what steers the body, and without's a zombie.)

~It's also a good idea to kill the body just in case someone can free the soul that's been captured. If the body is still alive, the soul will try to return. If the body's gone, then you have what I mentioned last time about the soul just rejoining in the natural process.

~This type of soul would probably stay negative from the trauma, and then re-incarnate. At least, this is what most think. It's not for sure. There are spirits/ghosts, and they are probably souls too strong willed to move on. More on the next series :D

~That's another reason, though, why Dark Magics are so taboo. Soulless bodies aren't good to have wandering around. But unlike zombie lore, them biting you won't turn you into one.

~There has been one zombie in comic thus far. But I'm not sharing who that is ;) (It's probably obvious, if you're looking for it.)

~If a person is killed first, the soul leaves the body and it's considered "natural." The soul could be captured, but it's not automatically a negative energy. What makes Keisuma's magic Dark is that they are always negative since she removes the soul unwillingly. If a body dies, the soul has no choice but to leave, so that's the difference between a soul naturally leaving, and it being extracted. The death may not be natural, but as I said, the soul has to move on, so the soul leaving is natural.

~A thing to keep in mind: most people of the human world don't realize this stuff (it's just like our world until Kei/et al bring down the faerie veil.)

Side notes

~Not all magic comes from souls. It's a good source of magic, but there's magic beyond what a creature's soul produces. There's magic in nearly all things. *The magic Rin & the others use (sans Rensha) is different from Dark Magic*

~And final final thing! Combining magic and science is suuuuuuper dangerous! And it's not really been done successfully before. The fae don't deal with science (usually,) while humans don't deal with magic (usually.) So...what would happen if the two were mixed? ^-^

*hint hint: The one zombie character has something to do with this. This will not turn into a zombie apocalypse story, though*
MadJak91 edit delete reply 29th May 2019, 9:09 AM
I made a slight mistake. When I said our universe I mean the universe of the Universal Century timeline. Other timelines tend to be more of their own thing. Those Gundams are the best in my opinion anyway. I highly recommend getting into them but dunno how it is with you and mecha. I recently sent a guide of this sort to a friend who wants to get to know Gundam but also some other Tomino shows so ask if you want to :D

"I do not know what only the Universe can know."
That is the only answer I have ;)
Although on the topic I actually really enjoy reading academic papers and other such literature. Relaxing and cool! Some papers can be a bit expensive to get online but really worth it. Universities also usually have publicly available personal sites of various teachers and professors who have materials there if you are bored :D
Now that I am a consultant to one student's thesis I can bother somebody with proper grammar, sentence structure and the way how to write one, LMAO :D


Yeah. Okay. That is tons of info. Much more than I expected. One thing I REALLY like about magic systems or such is that I can apply system theory or some laws and see what happens. To me it is not about right or wrong but how much I can map to a real system and perhaps see something in advance.

I have about only one head scratcher her though. If I understand it correctly then it seems to me the energy of your soul does not completely correlates with your life or personality? It is like no matter who you are, upon death it only matters how you died. For the most part. And then it is decided from three options. Usually good and neutral and evil is handled as an exception.
I can see evil energy when you are forcefully killed. Resentment and stuff. A bit confused about self-sacrifice though since in some cases, probably usually actually, you are still forced to end your life because of some so called better option? Hm. Conversely, a person might simply accept that they are going to be killed with no hard feelings.
How is that handled :O

"So...what would happen if the two were mixed?"
Animamundi says it is Alchemy and then: Alchemy -> Crimson stone -> Philosopher's stone -> A or B
A -> elixir of life -> immortality
B -> limitless power -> bishonen Asmodeus appears -> bishonen Archangel Mikhail descends -> they beat the crap out of each other -> uh... stop at limitless power
BlueDragon edit delete reply 29th May 2019, 7:40 PM
Actually, if you don't mind, I would like checking it out! Please, and if you have the time :D

Lately I've been checking out podcasts when I'm not listening to music. One of my good friends works for She and her sister have turned me on to some cool casts. There's science podcasts, too :3

Cool on you for getting the consultant gig! Wow! You're going to be in someone's thesis! (*maybe?* They could give you a credit :D)

Ha ha ha! I'd probably read that manga/watch that anime with bishounen dudes XD I do love some Saiyuki XD

I think you've pretty much got it :D

~There are 2 key components changing “charges:” the person’s will & the soul’s power.

~Souls naturally go neutral or stay positive upon death. No one’s really sure why. It’s suspected there’s a natural process drawing souls to neutral, or "resetting." That process is still undiscovered.

~With this in mind, a soul & will must be both powerful & work together to overcome the natural process in order to remain neg. upon a “natural” death (the death of the body.)

~You’re right that a violent murder could influence the "charge" of a soul. If the brain's had time to process, and the desire/will is powerful enough coupled with the soul’s power.

~As a result, if the soul is powerful and the person’s will powerful, that’s the key to a soul staying neg. after a natural death. There’s more I could say, but edited it out XD

~But thing is, even if someone has a very strong will, if the soul’s not powerful to match it, then the soul “resets.” And vice versa: a powerful soul with no strong will goes neutral.

*There are people/creatures who have extremely powerful souls and wills. They are rare, but they occur. With that power & discipline, one just may be able to wield soul magic ;)

About voluntary release of the soul: the soul instinctively clings to its body. Being forcefully pulled is a very painful process pretty much always turns a soul negative, but it's not got anything to do with the power of the soul or will in this case. But! If the person willingly parts with the soul, it will be either neutral or +. There's no fight to put up and no "shock." It’s consensual to both the body/will & soul. But…as I mentioned, if the soul’s out long, someone needs to care for the body if it’s to return.

I kept that as short as possible XD
MadJak91 edit delete reply 31st May 2019, 9:40 AM
Always happy to talk about Gundam, haha!
That is an abridged translated version of what I sent to a friend. Cheers!

Podcasts! Yes! I am just more old-school and find some podcasts charged with things I am not interested in. I just want to know and read stuff.

It will sound maybe strange to you and I am a HERETIC but I could not care less about their credits. A good student asked me, I told him he has to ask them, he did, I talked with them, they said it is okay and here we are. I will help him to the best of my ability and more. Their credits do not interest me, haha.
We shall see how it turns out in about 2 years :>



Thanks. That is clearer and I think I get the point. Nobody is sure anyway. When a person dies we have no idea what they though at the end. The most we can say are assumptions based on their last words or behavior. Nothing more. I hears such words. They do not make much sense but when a body is failing you it is the same as talking BS while having a fever.
When it is sudden death you probably do not even process it or just a sudden blank. So I can see why energy would be either good or neutral at most.
Even if you die cursing the world you will still probably feel some regret before it is lights out. That is what I read somewhere.

The system makes sense and is unsure about things everybody is unsure about. I can see it.
I mean, I am not grading anything but ya ;)
BlueDragon edit delete reply 31st May 2019, 12:41 PM
Ha ha! That's even better to help without expecting reward :D We "get by with a little help from our friends." --Beatles

Thanks for the link! I will definitely check it out as soon as I'm done with Saiyuki (I've got...20 episodes left before Reload.'s along series.)

I hope I passed the classed XD

*Just kidding*

I have people tell me sometimes, that I should have been a teacher. And then I just think "I don't think I've the discipline or the patience to teach. All I can do is babble" XD Maybe I should have strove to be a tenured professor XD I remember some of them LOVING to just talk at us (but, to be fair, they also provoked us to talk and share our thoughts.)
Marcel edit delete reply 1st Jul 2019, 7:45 PM
Uhh...Is it ok to just continue reading the comic without reading all that stuff in the comments? I'm afraid my little brain would explode!
BlueDragon edit delete reply 2nd Jul 2019, 5:10 PM
LOL! Yes, it's definitely okay not read all that XD Most of it was just questions on magic mechanics XD It doesn't come up in this series too much (and won't be info dumped like that XD)