The battle between unlikely heroes and demonic forces begins.
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23rd Jan 2019, 5:00 PM in Act: Opposition
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Author Notes:

BlueDragon edit delete 23rd Jan 2019, 5:00 PM
I can't tell you how often Mom told me "No means no." In fact, I heard "no" so often, my first word was "no." True story XD (I was a terribly, terribly hyper kid who constantly was doing something that..."no," I wasn't supposed to be dong XD)

This author's note bears no relation to this page. It's just a story I heard often growing up :)

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MadJak91 edit delete reply 25th Jan 2019, 11:08 AM
Huh. So how come they are from the future? I know what happens there since that is the premise but I figured the magical creatures and beings just enter from another dimension. Do they know what is going to happen and that it involves beating up school girls in a park?? Kind of sucks for their resume... :D
BlueDragon edit delete reply 25th Jan 2019, 11:28 AM
Excellent question :D

There is a major event where Odysseus explains how Oisin & the Siblings got there. It happened during his escape from Keisuma's castle, and has to do with the spell he used.

I don't think it's giving too much away, but those characters were in some way making contact with each other when he performed the spell, although he didn't see the siblings (his back was turned to them, but he recognized Oisin's voice and saw him enter the room.) He destroyed the time scriptures after translating them (with Kahnma's help: she's the rainbow colored faerie referenced in the color pages of this act, and the only faerie seer at this time.

Additional info people probably don't care about:

Kahnma's the also the one who made the Dark Horse prediction (although, she very oddly chose to give it in English *wink *wink* there's a reason for that, and it was odd since the fae have been cut off from humans for centuries, and she wasn't born until 1807--after the veil was put up.)

There's only one seer at a time, and sometimes there are none at all--so they're pretty rare. It's just a trait that sometimes happens with that race of faerie (and she's half human--as a human had somehow made it beyond the veil. But that's not...really in the story. At least this one. I could do it later...I suppose.) Funny thing, sometimes humans can cross the veil, but the fae could not. That's why humans can sometimes get spirited away or disappear :D

I'm babbling too much. Hope you have a great weekend! :3
MadJak91 edit delete reply 27th Jan 2019, 1:06 PM

Is that why the Death Goddess girl is hunting him? Because he messed up the time line/spell?
Hm. So I guess I am not sure what "future" here means then.
1) He was in the future and went back in time to present.
2) The future is where the magical beings exist but then that means they know what happened and this would be interfering? Maybe that was the point...

Also, these jokers look plenty human so are they also descendants of some old human(s) who made it there in the past or just a very human looking race (like Elves) :o
BlueDragon edit delete reply 29th Jan 2019, 11:50 AM
Yep! He hadn't messed anything up just yet, but she wanted to prevent him from doing something to mess it up. But, even she doesn't really understand how time works, as the way time works (for me) is that what comes to pass has already been factored into the future-so there was no way Odysseus would have been able to kill Kanna, even if Shimiko hadn't intervened (unbeknownst to her.) Does that make sense?

With that in mind, when the girls return from the future, they do try to stop the plague, but it has no effect: they're two girls that just come off sounding like they have over active imaginations. And really, what could they have done? The best thing Kanna can do is activate her powers, but they are tied into their emotions and situations. But! I go into that more with the second series...if I ever get to it XD I may die before that happens (it's going to pick up where Dark Horse leaves off.)

The "Future" is where Odysseus, Oisin, and the Siblings have traveled from, which is 2004. As I do the revamps, I am putting dates in to help people follow the timeline better. I'm sorry you don't to benefit from that-I should have been doing that from the start! But in the coming acts I will put the date (cause the girls are going to the future very soon.)

Most of the magical creatures don't particularly care so much about changing the past-and don't really know it can even be traveled in. In actual faerie land, time is kind of weird (it is faster than our "time") but that's not the whole of faerie realm, just a few specific pockets (hence faerie rings-which have nothing to do with Dark Horse XD.)

Kahnma and Keisuma are the exception--but Kahnma is psychic and Kei has some...otherworldly help. I'll leave it at that.

And just for clarification, the Siblings are human--they were turned to the bird monsters in Act 2 by Keisuma when she first emerges. So they've got a curse just like Odysseus, only theirs is a little different and enables them to be messengers/retrievers/whatnot for Kei. :)
MadJak91 edit delete reply 30th Jan 2019, 1:18 PM
Does it create more timelines then?

1) You can go back in time but the future is set. You cannot change it even if you try to change the past. That makes such a journey pointless but as you said, they do not know the full extent of time traveling and changing and also that it is futile.
2) Nothing can actually happen to the girls here since they are well and okay in the future. Or can something happen? Seems to me the rule is not that strict since nobody truly understands it.
3) You can change the past but the future happens the same just in a different changed way. You have not said anything about this though...

Brains are pretty bad at visualizing multi-dimensional graph >_<
You said second series and I do not think the actual time travel mechanic plays THAT of a role so I should probably take it at face-value?
BlueDragon edit delete reply 30th Jan 2019, 10:27 PM
Incoming wall of text! I'll have short answers, and long answers.

1) Short answer: Yes, events are set in stone for this timeline.
(Ignore the faerie land stuff: it’s not important to the story)

Long Response: Whether there are other dimensions housing alternate histories isn't known. Shimiko probably knows, but she ain't talking :D If they exist, they don’t matter to this story.

Side note: So far as the demon/dark horse goes, he is in the same universe locked away in an intra dimensional space that is separated from the world, but also part of the world.

2) Short answer: Yes, Odysseus making the trip back in time to kill Kanna was pointless. She was going to survive and make it to the future, and he couldn’t change that.

Long Response: Bad things can and do happen to the girls, but they don’t die. And they will remember what happens to them. If Odysseus didn’t travel back in time, the major events would have happened, because they were already in motion. But, he did go back in time, and so far as he sees, the same thing happens, so his trip didn’t change the past. The future, on the other hand, is a blank slate: The future’s uncertain, and the end is always near. Literally.

Side note: If anyone time travelled before Yulie, it was done before Shimiko became the Guardian of Time. Shimiko has stopped any attempt of people to travel time, and destroyed all time scrolls/research/tomes/whatever except those Keisuma owned. These texts were so complex, no one could make heads or tail of them anyway, which is why the Seer is so important. Odysseus certainly didn’t know what to do with them without Kahnma helping him.

After Rin’s powers are revealed, Shimiko realized Odysseus' time travel was supposed to happen. He made it past her and unwittingly began gathering of the Crystal Lotus. She would never let Odysseus know he was right, and she was wrong.

3) Short answer: To be clear: there is no other way events could unfold at this time. And going back to the past didn’t change anything, as it happened all along. It’s paradoxical. But that’s how it goes.

Think of time right now in the story as being "filmed." There's a part in the film at the beginning that's been recorded, and the blank film that has yet to be exposed. Yulie (Od) and the group cannot go any further into the future than where he "left off." It hasn’t been filmed yet.

Long Response: Can time be edited? We don’t know. Yulie will never try it again. Shimiko we know won’t allow anyone through. Kahnma, the only other creature to know how to travel time having read and transcribed the time scrolls, wouldn’t. That said…I won’t say it’s not possible, but I will say as this is the first time everything is happening, there is no way to go to the future, and they are not able to change events. 

I know I seem to be back peddling…but there’s a lot I can’t talk about without spoiling things. For now, we’ll leave it at: The three people who found it possible to time travel won’t/can’t change events that happened in the past. I hope that makes it less confusing.

For argument’s sake, IF Odysseus had not gone back in time…his timeline may have changed slightly, but not enough to matter, since Rin and Kanna keep their knowledge of the future and meeting him a secret when he first meets them (they meet him for their first time-1999-long before he meets them for his first time--2002.) That's the tragedy of his storyline. Regardless of his time travel, his mother dies, Kanna gets possessed, he’s enslaved, and Keisuma takes over the whole West Coast (of the U.S.)

Side Note: Shimiko's "gatekeeping" comes up once they get to the future. Kanna especially will press Shimiko about it, wanting to change her fate. Some major things Rin discovers will cause her to try to get Shimiko to change events, too.

Even Kahnma can only see certain things...and even that is conjecture based on probable outcomes based on individuals’ actions. So a seer can’t actually “see” the events of the future that hasn't happened yet. And if Kahnma went to the past, she could only see clearly up to the point where she left, since there’s nothing there.

Seers, in this world, are “psychic,” but what Kei doesn’t understand is that she doesn’t really see the future so much as she can read people, sees past events, and can see things happening in the present. These make it possible for her to predict the future through educated guesses: but she doesn’t really know, which is why her prophecy is both vague and in English. She left it open to the most possibilities.

Last thoughts: At this point in time, Shimiko and Kahnma are the only ones with knowledge of how to time travel. Odysseus did it once with Kahanma’s help, but destroyed any means of reproducing those steps (Kahnma was going to be his way back-putting the means back as an impression in his mind.)

It should also be noted; it is very hard to connect telepathically with Kahnma. She really needs to initiate it, but even then people can put up walls if they try. If one concentrates hard enough, they can break through all the noise she deals with (particularly if she’s searching, or keeping her third eye out for their wavelength) … but more on her at some other time.

Gosh, I'm long winded. I spent hours shaving this down, and it’s still long :*(

*The revamp will make Rin & Kanna’s knowledge of the future clearer.

Edit: oops, in regards to the "second series," it's just the next progression in the Crystal Lotus Chronicles.

Dark Horse is the first part of a 4-5 part series. And once Dark Horse ends, I'm done with time travel (at least, I think I am ;) Maybe not? We'll have to see.) If I live long enough to tell it, I say again. parts may be shorter than this introductory comic. Then again...they may be around the same length XD
MadJak91 edit delete reply 1st Feb 2019, 12:03 PM
Ah. Do not worry about walls of text. I am used to them daily in a way ;)

Also, it is much much harder presenting some of this stuff in this form. I was talking with a friend recently how there is tons of stuff you either get the chance to explain/talk about or you simply do not. No good way of showing it. Books have it much easier, games can use a lore journal and so on. We both like visual novels so we agree those have it the best probably. Or depends on how the author does it. Kinoko Nasu is VERY good at adjusting scenes in his VNs so he can "dump" info on you like this and it fits with the scene. Or he simply switches the scene to the hero's mental state and how he interprets what is going on.
No can do here so no worries :D

Anyway. Time travel cannot be explained at the moment so the most anyone can do is doing their own version. That is why I prefer when all rules are laid down and the author sticks to them. You can be clever but no point in acting like you get it. Nobody does and probably will not. We would need to have an actual time traveler and frankly if we have then we will still never learn about that fact. If there is a device far in the future and somebody jumped back then there is absolutely no way of knowing.
So it is cool.

And yeah, that makes it clear. For now. Chances are I will ask again, haha.
Point B is a result of a chain of dependent events since point A so even if you change one, the result finds its way in another way. Cannot break that.
And seers are more like people very very good at connecting possibilities and dots and basing future events on results of past events.
BlueDragon edit delete reply 3rd Feb 2019, 5:58 PM
XD It's cool if you ask again later on. I don't mind. I just have trouble being concise!

I will need to check out Kinoko Nasu (did you know Nasu means "eggplant?" I mean...I guess depending on the Kanji. Thanks Tenchu, Fatal Shadows!!)