The battle between unlikely heroes and demonic forces begins.
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7th Nov 2018, 5:00 PM in Act: Opposition
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Author Notes:

BlueDragon edit delete 7th Nov 2018, 5:00 PM
Someone's dodging questions a little bit :D


MadJak91 edit delete reply 9th Nov 2018, 1:40 PM
lmao, I have only now noticed that shirt. I find it a bit weird when people put clothes on their dogs but on a small dragon they look kind of cute :D

Was he cursed to be a dragon or is that something else and he could always shapeshift into one?
BlueDragon edit delete reply 9th Nov 2018, 7:52 PM
Oh he was cursed. I show the whole scenario in Act....15? 16?

I have to put a sweater on my Boston Terrier this time of year XD Otherwise he sits there shivering until I wrap him up in a blanket. And then Jack gets jealous and wants a shirt on, too o_O But he's all long hair and I don't know how he stands it XD

Speaking of: A Literal "Dog Pile"
MadJak91 edit delete reply 11th Nov 2018, 1:08 PM
Ah. OK!
Basically: He cannot shapeshift on his own AND it is not an ability but a curse.

Haha! I have a friend like that who loves to pick up stray dogs and cats and takes care of them and then sends them to a shelter. He had similar photos, haha.
Or uh, loved to. Until his GF threatened him with dog food, milk and sleeping outside the home, LMAO :D
He studied to be a doctor and something related to animals while she studied genetics and behavior so I find it double hilarious. They are good though :>
BlueDragon edit delete reply 11th Nov 2018, 8:42 PM
Bingo! :)

TBH, I wish I could shape shift into a dragon XD The only way to fly.

Wow! They're both studying some serious stuff! Aw, don't kick him out for helping the doggies and kitties lady XD Ah, maybe he'll change her mind some day ;)
MadJak91 edit delete reply 14th Nov 2018, 11:20 AM
Studied but yup :D