Demons, faeries, and humans clash following the deaths of millions at the hands of a man-made epidemic.
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24th Aug 2016, 12:00 AM in Act Six: The Uninvited
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Author Notes:

BlueDragon edit delete 24th Aug 2016, 12:00 AM

Page Updated!

As is the usual, I'm keeping old comments which may not be applicable to the current page. Any comments predating 5-14-2021 may not make sense with the updated page, but I don't want to delete old comments (too much work, and I appreciate the time people took to make them :D)


Hello hello! Well, we're seeing a bit of Rhiannon's family :D I really like her mom. Won't have a chance to really flesh out her father and sister just at this point, but at least we get a little of her family.

You won't really see much of this, but her mom was a total freak (wrongly labeled "hippie." She was raised in Central (called "Southern") California, around San Francisco.) They moved further North in the late 70s.

Back story which I may not get to include in the comic :3


MadJak91 edit delete reply 24th Aug 2016, 12:17 PM
They at least look like a normal family :D
With dad reading the newspapers and everything. It should stay that way :/
BlueDragon edit delete reply 27th Aug 2016, 11:32 AM
Ah! I'm so slow to reply! Sorry about that (was out of town at my parents :> )

Yeah, they're a pretty normal family :) I have not decided yet what happens to them in the future...and no spoilers ;)