The battle between unlikely heroes and demonic forces begins.
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23rd Sep 2015, 12:00 AM in Act Five: The New Deal
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Author Notes:

BlueDragon edit delete 23rd Sep 2015, 12:00 AM

This page didn't change much, aside from some dialogue changes.


Maybe she has heartburn? Or maybe she has no clue what's going on?

I love Blue Oyster Cult, so I'm posting this song. Just cause. And they have a lot of supernatural songs, so it fits the series :)


MadJak91 edit delete reply 23rd Sep 2015, 7:03 AM
Wow! This is almost twisted. Kinda...
I mean he hit her on the head and beat her up and now she probably loves him in return :D
BlueDragon edit delete reply 23rd Sep 2015, 12:56 PM
Maaaaybe. Or maybe something else is going on?

Also, the thing is, gender doesn't matter to Odysseus: if it was a man who was barring his way, he'd have hit him, too. Probably wouldn't have been a little more hard core with the fighting, since a dude would be physically stronger (at this point--Rhina's going to kick ass later, she's out of "shape" in muscle department.)

He used to spar with Oisin (Act 2.)

Buuuuut.....more to be revealed later ;D
BitterBadger edit delete reply 10th Apr 2020, 12:00 PM
Hormones and magic do not mix well, it seems.
BlueDragon edit delete reply 10th Apr 2020, 7:31 PM
Hard to tell where reality starts, and imagination ends XD