The battle between unlikely heroes and demonic forces begins.
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12th Aug 2015, 7:45 PM in Act Five: The New Deal
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Author Notes:

BlueDragon edit delete 12th Aug 2015, 7:45 PM


Sorry again for the delayed post! I've got a lot of things going on between registering for classes, and preparing for the faculty to be back and taking care of them and the students (honestly, the students are soooo much easier to deal with than the faculty.)

I also had to draw and ink this page, since it's an addition. Once again, I found some image continuity, so I'm trying to fix that up by adding these pages. Only one more to go before the end of the act!!! Wowza!

Can't believe we'll be on Act 4 already!


MadJak91 edit delete reply 12th Aug 2015, 7:47 PM
Look at her forehead!
Too late, maybe?
BlueDragon edit delete reply 12th Aug 2015, 7:56 PM
Oh man, I love you! Your comments always make me chuckle.

Yeah, kinda too little too late :P (Or as Neil Young would say, "Needle and the damage done.")