Demons, faeries, and humans clash following the deaths of millions at the hands of a man-made epidemic.
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16th Jun 2008, 1:00 AM in Act One: Broken Wing
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BlueDragon edit delete reply 27th Feb 2017, 1:56 AM
Page updated.
BitterBadger edit delete reply 9th Mar 2020, 9:40 PM
Hahah! And here I thought it was just a british accent that adds to the attractiveness to a person.
BlueDragon edit delete reply 10th Mar 2020, 2:13 AM
Ah, thank you!

Yeah...I am working on the accent, but I didn't want to do the whole "yee" and "lassie" XD It feels a touch old school...but I've been watching some Scottish YouTubers to *try* to get the accent XD
Mrremoraman edit delete reply 1st Apr 2020, 2:55 PM
I'd go with the Trent Reznor reference
BlueDragon edit delete reply 1st Apr 2020, 7:53 PM
XD Yeah, me, too XD
jmluvsbob edit delete reply 3rd Jun 2021, 2:40 PM
“Homeless Calvin Klein Model.”

That is definitely a description I don’t think I’ve ever heard before. I like it.
BlueDragon edit delete reply 5th Jun 2021, 11:28 AM
Ha ha! I *may* or may not have been picked on by older kids who said that to me -_- (this was the 90s, they were implying I looked like a drug addict...I just...didn't even know what to think ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ).

Joke's on them now (or is it? Ah well, adding this was cathartic).