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7th Dec 2020, 5:28 PM

Integrated Comment Box

by BlueDragon
I will *hopefully* not make another blog post for a while (I don't want to intrude too much into people's time XD).

So between my *slight* understanding of copying and pasting coding per everyone else's instruction, and my partner coming over and taking pity on my attempts to follow Kyo's instruction, we were able to install the integrated comment box Kyo coded a while back. And with my partner's help, we made it kinda pretty :3

But I'm unsure about how glaring white the box is against the darker background. We tried in several places to darken the text that's part of the comment box (the embed html option, and the black text  "Leave a Comment" section outside the box).

As far as Brad can tell, it's got to do something with Kyo's code for the comment box, and we could not change the font color no matter how we tried XD (He's more of Python coding dude than HTML.) So instead we looked at Luzbug's website (she's amazing, by the way, go read Krazy Noodle Massacre!) and inspected her code to see how she did it. Long and the short, we ended up settling on a lighter colored box so the black text would stand out. But if it's hurting people's eyes, I know now how to tweek the box colors, and I can manipulate that if it's something that you readers want :3

So just let me know if the boxes look horrible and are making your eyes bleed.

Thanks!  And thanks for reading :D

~Blue Dragon
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