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Blog - A Few 2019 Goals!

31st Jan 2019, 1:25 PM

A Few 2019 Goals!

by BlueDragon

Hey there! 

I've decided to make this "blog" area more of an "update" section, seeing as I already have a blog on Word Press. By and By, feel free to visit my blog, Cerulean Dreams Graphics.

I am in the process of updating both the layout of this site, and creating my own home for Dark Horse and the rest of the Crystal Lotus Chronicles. I haven't really discussed Dark Horse  much aside from what updates are coming and such, but a comment from one of my readers got me thinking...maybe I should go into more detail XD

Dark Horse is the first in a four to five part series known as the Crystal Lotus Chronicles (CLC): it's the introduction to our main characters and the world they live in. That is going to be a complete story that can stand on it's own two (four?) legs, but continues into the rest of the series. The website home for my series is still under construction, so please be patient as I have a lot of projects going at the same time. When all's said and done, the main site for Dark Horse, and the CLC will update on a regurlar weekly basis--I may have it update a day ahead of my mirror sites, BUT Comic Fury, Tapas, and Smack Jeeves will all continue to up date regularly. That said, the main site will be updating at REVAMP speed, so Comic Fury will still be the most up to date story wise. This is because I want the main site to reflect what will be available in e-book and in print. 

So Comic Fury is going no where, and will always (in the foreseeable future) be an important site I update. It's become my replacement forum for the now defunct Manga Tutorials site (a place I held very dear, and was super upset when the creator just let it fall to the wayside and didn't even give the community a chance to take up the financial â€‹burden of keeping it running. Perhaps something happened to her...or maybe she just got too busy. But I remember a lot of moderators stepping up trying to reach her so we could keep the site from disappearing...) ~Le sigh. But...all things must pass

Anywho! You guys can look forward to a better...designed Comic Fury Dark Horse page coming soon as I work on the background. If you have any comments or suggestions, I certainly invite you start a conversation here :D 

And thank you for sticking with me on this bumpy road. I'm trying to improve my art and story telling, and I hope you are enjoying it as much as I've enjoyed creating this comic :D

Take care,

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