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Blog - Revamping Act One

17th Sep 2015, 11:46 PM

Revamping Act One

by BlueDragon

Greetings readers! And visitors! And anyone who accidentally stumbled upon my blog!


So I've been meaning to revamp Act One for a while's sooooooo old! And it really is kinda an embarassment. I was experimenting and still trying to improve my drawing. I still am, but I feel my proportions have improved, and definitely my screentoning, so it was time to begin this project. 


Now I'm going to go very slooooooow with this, because with all the stuff I'm involved in, school and unionizing (we get certified Oct. 6!!!! YAY! We did it) I don't want to get bogged down and mess up my regular updates with this (anymore than it already gets messed up from all the crap I'm doing.) So I'll give you a sample of what I've been working on here, and just work on this here and there when I have time. 


So Oisin in Act One doesn't look like someone who's been fighting a demoness overlady in a post-apocolyptic Northwest. So I gave his clothes a little change and added holes and stuff, which would be a little more realistic. Here's an idea of what he'll look like: 


And the following are some of the old pages that I've started sketching out:






I hope these will end up looking good :) And I hope everyone is enjoying the comic thus far.


Thanks and have a super great evening!!!


~The Blue Dragon~