Demons, faeries, and humans clash following the deaths of millions at the hands of a man-made epidemic.
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Better Together Art Market this weekend & Updates on Dark Horse

by BlueDragon

Hey everyone!

I have returned from my parents. While I debated on attending the Better Together Art Market, I decided since I've been doing so much traveling this year, I should maybe try to make a little bit of money to help compensate for all the travel. Even with "cheap seats" flying isn't cheap. So, this weekend I'll be attending the Better Together Art Market in East Portland! I also really wanted to particpate, as I'm kind of a work horse and I prefer to work through...emotions. Don't get me wrong, I do definitely deal with my emotions. I will also be setting an appointment with my grief therapist, so I'm okay on those terms. I had several weeks with my mom, sister, and nephew following my dad's death. We're a pretty close knit family and held our own private ceremony. I brought the rest of Dad back to take him to places he loved in Oregon. I wish I'd gotten out here sooner: the goal was to get them all back out here. But, that's how things went, and I have no regrets.

If you are in the Portland area and want to stop by the booth, I'll be doing FREE chibi sketches as a promotion. Tips are not required, but are appreciated. If you just want to meet up and shoot the shit for a bit, that's groovie, too. My goal is get rid of a bit of my old traditional art pieces (while I did make a few new ones), and hand out copies of Dark Horse Act 1 (I do not suggest this to most people: I can take this loss, as it's been years since I had those printed, and I'd like to use this as a way to encourage people to buy Acts 2 & 3). I look forward to seeing some of the people I've met at True North Studios in the past, as well! The studio is really full of some awesome people, and I've been getting to know them a few events at a time. It's important to try to meet people in your interest group in reality, I feel, so even if I don't sell much, I'm stoked to see people (I will still be wearing a mask, yo. And I will have hand sanitizer at my desk). I plan on doing a video next week reporting on if any of my promotional tactics worked. Even if they don't, it'll at least be a learning experience XD There will be shade, too, as Kaiden, the founder of True North, was able to get a grant to buy a HUGE tent to cover the lot for those of us with 5 X 5 tables. She's pretty bitchin' (ahem, she's also from Chi-town, so we bonded a bit on being refugees from the Midwest XD XD).

In the meanwhile, I am getting back to work after being away for a month. Aside from the art market I'm attending, I have a paid gig with the Aradia Magical Girl (Person) Collective! We're working on a 90s Magical Girl Zine! This project is a collaboration with collective members, as well as select applicants from the public. The WIPs I've been seeing are really fantastic! I plan to submit a one-shot from Dark Horse: How I Spent My Vacation (a spoof on Tiny Toon Advertures' film, as well as Sailor V/90s crime fighting cartoons). It's got bad puns, transformations, and 90s nostalagia! My piece will be full color, too (colored digitally). I won't be able to share the finished piece with you all until 2 months after the zine is distributed, but I will definitely update you all on when the Kickstarter begins. This will be a chonky print edition, since there's like...I think 60 people participating!! And artists get paid regardless of the success of the Kickstarter: it's coming out of our "Head Witch's" pocket, so I'm going to do my best to heavily advertise this thing, because that's no chump change O_O Plus, if we hit certain benchmarks, we'll get paid more. So that's groovie, and the collective is super fair. I seriously give props to both Naan and Feather (the coordinators) for all their work and dedicaton. They also headed the FREE Glitter and Gold fashion magazine! So I personally thank them for all their work and if you're interested in MG web comics, you should check out the collective!!

Update on Dark Horse: I am working on finishing up the redraw of Awakenings. I am about halfway done with it. Awakenings is kind of a long chapter, but I'm working on cutting it down a bit. After that, Ceremony is pretty short, and most of the work  (most of it) I'm happy with, so I'll have fewer pages to redraw/edit. Same goes for Time Warp. Once I get past Awakenings, I am going to see how I'm doing on time. If I think I can tackle updating here with the story, I will dig back into ComicFury updates. If I can't, then I'll just double down on Ceremony and Time Warp so I can get those done ASAP and start the story back up here. I am sorry to everyone for delays. I understand what it's like getting invested in a comic and then it going on hiatus, and sometimes just disappearing out right. But, Dark Horse isn't going anywhere. I intend to, at the very least, finish this first series. I'm hoping to plow full steam ahead once the revamp is done, and hopefully get to the end of story so I can flesh out the next series in The Crystal Lotus Chronicles.

Once Awakenings is finished, even if it hasn't posted yet on Webtoon, I will update the old pages here per usual, and have a little blog showing off redraw pages and such :D I've been really happy with what I've gotten done so far, so I'm proud to share that work with everyone :3 I'm projecting completion of Awakening to be around the end of September, or sooner if I can manage it.

Okay this was a super long blog. Thank you all so much for your support, the really nice things you all have said to me regarding real life events, and just for hanging around and sticking with me. You are really one of the best communities online, and I'm fortunate to have such great people reading my silly little comic!

Thank you!

~Blue Dragon

Probably will be out of touch for a while...

by BlueDragon
Hey everyone,

I am flying to my parents (hopefully, I pray I don't get bumped off stand by. I need to get home tomorrow or Thrusday at the latest, probably. Who the heck knows). I can't say how long I'll be there at this time. I have the pages of "What Dreams May Come?" scheduled to post. I may be unrepsonsive for a while. Could be a couple weeks, could be a month or so, or I could be signing in because I need to take my mind off things. 

But if I decide to just disconnect from everything electronic, rest assured, I'll be back and I'll respond to comments and questions in the order I recieved them.

Thanks for your understanding everyone. It is what it is, but I will be back. Take care, take care of each other, and see you later,



Comic Fury Zine is here!

by BlueDragon
Hey everyone! While I will be sharing my contribution to the zine on this site starting on Friday, you can all check out and read the AMAZING comics submitted by artists from our community! I am seriously impressed with what everyone came up with!

*psssed, if you read Minimal, there's a comic from it, too!*

You can download it for free here:
This is also the link to share with others! Please help us promote the zine, ComicFury, and most of all these awesome artists!! And enjoy some fab short stories to boot!

We'll see ya Friday with the first page of "What Dreams May Come."

Glitter and Gold: An Aradia Collective Fashion Book featuring Kanna

by BlueDragon
Happy Saturday!!

I just wanted to make a quick announcement that the Aradia Collective's Glitter and Gold fashion book is now available for you to download or flip through for FREE!
Download it for free (or donate if you want) at Aradia Magical Girl Collective's account:

Flip through for free here:

Want more Magical Girl/Boy/Nbi content? Check out the comics at Aradia Collective! This is just a brief post. I'll be back with more art stuffs very soon! 

Take care everyone, and be safe out there. It's...insanity out there :( 


It's here! Large Chapter Update—Act 9, Battle Royal!!

by BlueDragon
I just got done with the redrawn "Act Nine," which for those who have been reading for a while would better reconginze as the latter part of the old "Opposition." The act was originally way too long. A split was necessary to make the chapter more manageble not just for print, but also to give readers a break o_O The added chapter is titled "Battle Royal."

It's still a long chapter, all the same.

I am going to be realistic: the art is a great improvement to the old pages, but there are pages I see that STILL are sloppy and will need editing before this act goes to print. Luckily, I'm only now working on Act 4 this year (I finally got it all dropped into an InDesign file to print and edit and started marking pages that need to be fixed up). I also am a bit all over the place with the pacing. I recognize this as a weak point in my writing. In my desire to keep this act from running into 40 pages, I think I sped up the wrong places, and kept stuff that could have been shaved off. I dunno. I know there are issues, but I am still glad to have gotten this redraw complete.

And most importantly, in spite of the need to fix sloppy pages, I am going to move forward with the next chapter of the revamp, because I NEED to catch up to where I am here, so I can comfortably move forward with the story (ya'll, being on haitus here is killing me. But keeping on with chapters was also killing me. I guess death becomes her either way XD I kid. It'll be okay).

Let's move along.

So the cover is brand new. I modeled it off of promotional boxing posters. I've talked about this in some of my YouTube videos, so I won't go into detail here, but the title "Battle Royal" was inspired by Ellison's chapter in Invisible Man (a very educational read), as well as just a tiny homage to the 1980s cult classic from Japan, Battle Royale (but, really, my motivations behind the name fit more with the lose/lose situation chronicled in the "Battle Royal" chapter of Invisible Man.

I'm working on my use of color, in addition to compostion. I need to work more on compostion, but I'm gonna share some highlights from the redrawn act :D

Since I split the last chapter in two, I needed a page to act as an introductiont. So I wanted to make sure we were remembering some key moments from earlier in the story, such as Rin's nightmare sequence. I also was again thinking of how I can restrain my use of color (because ya'll, I like to just throw every color on the page XD But I am THINKING! I am TRYING! XD XD) So the colors, as you can see, are varying tints and shades of the primaries. Red, because Rensha is the agressor here and probably the angriest. Yellow for the mystery figure. And blue for Rin, not just because it's her lotus color, but also to help convey her sense of anxiety/worry/fear.

Page Comparrisons (and you know I'm only showing the ones I am proud of XD):

This original page not only lacks decent backgrounds, but also doesn't really convey the right emotions I wanted. In the last act of the revamp (now the official version here on ComicFury), I established Rensha creating a barrier, so without the need to have Rin exposit, I instead focused on her insecurities to better show that while she's fighting, she's also very unsure of herself. Remember: often when characters are nude (not always, but often), this us experiencing their inner voice (such as was seen in Act 4 when Kanna was conversing with Keisuma).

Text play and working on word art is another thing I've been starting to focus on (though, I'm going to be full on studying sound effects and text art in 2023. I know my limits, and I am not really even going to be done studying compositon by the end of 2022, which was a goal I set for myself this year). Anyway, I took the opportunity to play around with a some fonts and colors before we get to see Rin start accessing her magic. I also wanted more internal monologue/support from the mysterious being who was there when Rin first awoke her powers. *Ahem* And also a very...VERY tiny homage to Pink Floyd (I mostly throw in Beatles references, but my dudes ((and dudettes, and el duderinos, and all others)), I love the shit out of some Pink Floyd).

Another one I'm super proud of (though I was proud of the original, too) is when Rin finally takes a stand. I worked hard to make sure her face matched what she normally looks like (well, with some lipstick. Magical girls magically get lip balm. Can't fight with chapped lips, ya'll XD XD):

Old Version                                                                           New Version

And just some more comparrisons with no commentary.

Old Versions:

New Versions (note the 3rd eye closing):

Final Page Comparisson:

I am MUCH happier with the updated closing page. I tried to keep a similar color scheme, which will help lead into the next act, "Awakenings," but I worked on an improved composition. I will be babbling about the inspiration in a blog on my Patreon, so I'm hesitatant to talk too much about how I ended up creating the final page ;) But! I'll be working replacing the old pages starting today/tonight. So I should be done replacing old pages this weekend (probably in a couple of hours, if I'm timing things right. This usually doesn't take all weekend).

Thank you everyone for your  patience. I am happy to be updating these pages, but I really would love to be continuing with the story D: I apprecaite your patience, and for sticking around! Seriously. I know what it's like to have comics you want to update, but the artists/writers can't get to them. So I thank you for not giving up on me! I will NOT be ghosting. This community is my home. This story is my main project. I will see it to completion, or I'll die of old age before I give up on it XD

As I announced on Friday, I will have a short story/one-shot posting here on ComicFury in July! And it does tie into the story proper/is canonical. The timeline is right after Kanna et al arrived in 2004 in the chapter Time Warp. This one-shot takes place after Rin falls asleep. You'll know more after it posts! I'm excited to work on it. The one-shot will be part of the Comic Fury Zine "In Dreams" summer issue.

All right, I need to go make lunch...dinner...whatever it is. Food! That's it. I need to go make some kind of food, and then I shall commence with the updating!

Take care, be safe, and be excellent to each other!

~Blue Dragon/Ashleen

Going on a short hiatus

by BlueDragon
Hey everyone,

Some of you may have noticed there wasn't an update last Friday. While I have ideas for the shorts, I have run out of time. My next trip to my parents is this Wednesday. I will be away for two weeks. I have tried hard to keep up with the break material for CF, the revamp, my regular video schedule, and tutorial videos for Comic Fury Zine, but well...looks like it was all a little too much. I won't be updating this particular website until I return.

Sorry to do this, but...

We will of course be back. I hope to work a little bit when I can eek out some spare time while I'm gone, but the parents have no scanner, little Internet, and most of my time will be occupied.

My main website is still updating with old revamp pages, and I'm desperately trying to get the Battle Royal pages done for Webtoons. So if you're wanting to see something new post, check out Webtoons :D Battle Royal won't be uploaded here until it's complete.

I will be answering DM/PMs and comments, as well as e-mails.

Love you all, thank you so much for the support!

Peace out,

~Blue Dragon

Guest Inking and Update

by BlueDragon
Hey everyone! I hope you're all doing well, or as well as can be considering these chaotic times.

I was gonna wait until I got home, but I'm sitting on the train and I figure I may as well post this blog.

This week, I have some fan art to share, as will be the case next week. Upon my return, I'll be working on a 70 subscriber special image to celebrate this milestone. In the meanwhile, I want to thank all my past and present subscribers, as well as welcoming the new comers! Thank you so much for reading, and I really hope you're enjoying the story!

I am currently putting my full attention towards the Act 9 revamp pages. While at my parents, I was able to squeeze in some work on sketching, and I am fairly happy with the pages! I hope to ink them ASAP and try to get the rest of the act done so I can put some work into the next act here on ComicFury. I've been sketching out ideas for the next location (ah man, tree houses are to come), and new characters. I'm really excited to get to work thumbnailing the next act (I have a working title, but it's in my notes at home). However, before I get to all that, when I get home, I will be working on a few webshorts/yonkoma to pass the time and have a little fun while we're on break.

Just before heading to my parents' house, I was able to squeeze in a quick collaborative effort with shastab24: she'd offered a great opportunity to ink some pages of Almighty Protectors (for pay), and I was stoked to get a chance to work with someone else for a change (ya'll know me, I don't collab very often). So I got to ink one page of her comic, and she also shared the work with other artists here on ComicFury. I'm not sure when these collab pages are posting (to be clear, she wrote her own pages, and sketched them, then asked for artists to help with inking: so I claim no creative rights XD See Chasing Amy for jokes about inkers XD). But I wanted to let you all know, if you like super hero comics and are looking for some LGBTQ+ content, you might want to check out her work! The world building looks to be pretty complex, and there's a huge cast of characters!

What else did I want to say? I dunno, man, these last few weeks have been a blur. I know I will be traveling back to my parents in March to assist in getting my dad into the doctor's. I'm hoping to press the doctor to take Dad's end of life care seriously, and to see what steps need to be taken to get him into hospice care, so unless I can get a lot done between now and the end of March, we may have a bit more of hiatus. I will, however, be announcing when this site has updated with the new Act 9 pages, so there will be something new to look at if you're waiting for the next chapter here. There are a few minor changes in Act 9, primarily regarding the fight scenes (I am super proud of my sketches for the fight scene between Rin and Rensha, as well as Rowena and Mia), and there's also a bit of clarification on why Rowena attacks Mia. I am also changing her reaction a little bit to highten emotions and make her a little more sympathetic.

And with this updated act, one more major landmark: I will have finally replaced all the pages that read from right to left, and will be able to have my tagline reflect that change with the information that it reads solely from left to right! This is something that has been bothering me and ushering me forward in my desire to catch up with where the story is at on ComicFury: not to mention, the lovely carrot on the stick that is only having to work on one act at a time XD Man, when that work load is shuffled off, I'll be full steam ahead here, and may even be able to post two pages a week! Maybe. Let's not put the carriage before the horse. Or the driver before the car (had to sneak a Beatles reference in here. Because I can).

So that's something to look forward to and I'm excited to share all the progress!

Thank you all again for sticking around! I really am fortunate to have such a fantastic group of readers/supporters/other artists/community. Take care of yourselves and each other. Remember a little bit of kindness goes a long way to encourage others to do the same.

Peace and love,


Last Minute Event Announcement

by BlueDragon

Today! Outdoor Penguin Park Winter Maker's Market!
December 4, 2021 2pm-8pm
6524 N. Albina Ave.
Portland, OR 97217

This is incredibly last minute, because I only found out I was accepted on Thursday, and I've been busy updating my offical site and finishing pages and such XD

Blue Dragon Art's will be there from 2pm-8pm. If you're in the area and want to find some cool gifts for either someone you love/like or yourself, there's like 54 different venders who will be outdoors (mostly, I think one is indoors) selling their arts and crafts! There's also this token system going on where when you spend a certain amount from the vendors, you get tokens that can then be used to buy factory seconds wooden desk office supplies by our local company Grovemade!

What am I selling? Acts 1-3 of Dark Horse (hard copies), a myriad of stickers, various standard sized prints, traditional art, and buttons (they are mostly promotional 1 in. buttons that I made to give away with $20 purchases or higher).

Even if you don't buy anything, if you happen to stop by, it's cool to chit chat a bit. It may (WILL) rain/sprinkle today, so be sure to come prepared (I have a canapy with some tarps that'll be wrapped around it.
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