Demons, faeries, and humans clash following the deaths of millions at the hands of a man-made epidemic.
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Volume One, Act Zero: The Prophecy

The Dark Horse Prophecy; In which the Summer Vacation goes Sour and the Journey Begins

Act One: Broken Wing

In Which We Meet the Heroines and a Strange Creature

Act Two: Contact

In Which the Girls Make a Poor Decision and an Assassin Appears

Act Three: Days of Future Passed

In Which the Dragon Tells his Tale

Act Four: Transition

In Which the Future is Seen and the Antagonist Appears

Act Five: The New Deal

In Which the Girls Proffer a Strange Proposition and Stranger Visions Invade Rin's Mind

Act Six: The Uninvited

In Which the Three Embark on an Epic Journey to Seattle in Search of Treasure not Garbed Flannel and are met with an Uninvited Guest

Act Seven: The Crystal Lotus

In Which Near Death Experiences Reveal Awesome Potentional

Volume Two

In Which our Heroes Reach a Turning Point in our Story

Act Eight: Opposition

In Which the Future Catches Up to the Past

Act Nine: Battle Royal

In Which There is Much Brouhaha and People get Hurt

Act: Awakenings

In Which Things Go South and Much, but Not Too Much, is Revealed

Act: Ceremony

In Which the Heroes Decide their Path and Agreements are Made

Act: Time Warp

In Which our Heroes Finally make the Jump from the Past to the Present, and get Some Much Needed Practice

Dark Horse Presents: Night Hustle

One-Shot Story featuring the Demon Keisuma: In Which Kei has a Night on the Town

Dark Horse Presents: What Dreams May Come...?

One-Shot Story featuring Rhina: In which Rin's Anxieties Bubble in the Subconscious

Web Shorts (Yonkoma)

Short stories with up to 4 panels having fun with Dark Horse. Most are four pannels (hence "yon" as the counter), but some are 2 or three panels.

Fan Art

Fan art from other artists


Specials, Notes, Random Dark Horse Art