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Act Two Cover

8th Jan 2015, 1:00 AM in Act Two
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Act Two Cover
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Author Notes:

BlueDragon 9th Jan 2015, 1:41 AM edit delete
Re-Vamped Act 2 cover complete! Hurray! (edited 8/6/2018)

Re-vamp of Act 2 will follow the completion of the Act 1 re-vamp, which is coming along slowly, but steadily. I don't want the re-vamps to impede any progress on the current updates, which take precedence :D But, rest assured, they are coming!

Thanks for your patience!

~Blue Dragon~
BlueDragon 4th Apr 2019, 6:03 PM edit delete
Hey folks, I want to add an update to the previous comment. Dark Horse is having a major update, so this site is in a touch of an upheaval.

TLDR: The pages ahead do not represent the comic as a whole. They are events that take place, so the story isn't changing, but if you want to read the story as I intend it to look when it's done, please CLICK HERE. The art's better, and I think the story telling is better.

Long Explanation:

The pages to come are not something...I particularly enjoy: the drawings are old, the story is told very poorly. This has caused me to start a re-vamp. The revamp changes the order of events in Acts 2 and Act 3.

While the story itself is not changing, there are key elements being upgraded. The reason I'm saying all this, is because the pages to come vastly differ from what you've just read: the art is crappy, the tones are all over the place, the dialogue is cringe-worthy. Mainly: I don't want people judging the whole comic based on stuff I'm fixing. Which is why I felt the need to add this comment. Even this page needs to be fixed!

So why leave it all up at all? Why not just take the whole thing down?

Well...I don't know where all my subscribers are in the story. I have people who are completely up to date with Dark Horse, and I have people who are in the middle. I don't feel right taking it all down and making my current readers have to start all over.

So I instead opened three mirror sites, the most important and most up-to-date with the revamp being my own personal site. The Crystal Lotus Chronicles can be read by clicking here.

I'm on Tapas and Smack Jeeves, too.

Where does that leave Comic Fury?

Well...I will not stop updating here. If anything, I love my subscribers and commenters, so I'm not taking anything down here. However, because I'm changing the order of events, I will not be updating here until I have Acts 2 and 3 hashed out. I MAY take what has changed in Act 2 (which is currently following the events of Act 3 here,) and replace the Act 3 pages they correspond to once I get them finished. That option's a little iffy, cause you have the crap art, good art, crap art again.

If you can't tell, I'm in a bit of a conundrum. But I'll be out of it. It's just the interim's that is a pain in the ass.

Thank you all for starting, and sticking with me! If you decide you want to read ahead here, thank you, and please please don't judge me on the poor art XD It's getting fixed!

If you decide to check out the re-vamp, thank you also! I really appreciate your willingness to click off this site!

Regardless of your choice, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for giving Dark Horse a chance! Take care everyone!

~Blue Dragon