The battle between unlikely heroes and demonic forces begins. <<Left to Right (except where noted)>>


13th Dec 2019, 5:00 PM in Act Six/Seven: Awakenings
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Author Notes:

BlueDragon 13th Dec 2019, 5:00 PM edit delete
It's Friday the 13th! Which holds no real significance other than some people think it's bad luck! I think we mostly do it for fun (I don't REALLY think it's bad luck XD)

I hope this page speaks for itself. It's supposed to be unsettling. I realize Odysseus looks like a monster XD That's intentional. But! It's his own perception, and is not reflected on the outside. That *should* become apparent in the next few pages. (He's having a bit of break down.)

Update for posting: I am going to be at Con+Alt+Delete up by Chicago next week (the 20-22.) I've mentioned this, I think, probably more than a few times. I decided that I'm going to hold off on posting here, as well as videos, until I get back home. So the plan is to resume posting early 2020. If anyone's going to be at the convention, feel free to swing by my booth (Blue Dragon Art) to say "hi!" (I realize most of my readers are not from Chicago. So get on a plane and see me! Just kidding!!!! XD)

Last Q & A of 2019! Some good things happened this year, and some bad things. So...I guess I'll shake the dust from this year off one sandal, but keep it on the other ;)


morningbee4 13th Dec 2019, 8:03 PM edit delete reply
Mental break-downs always seem to be a must for character development. Also, will you livestream at the convention or upload some videos later?
BlueDragon 14th Dec 2019, 1:34 PM edit delete reply
True. He really has been through a lot (as we'll see,) and this was pretty much the last straw before snapping.

I'm not sure if I will live stream the con, but I'll have my helper take some video (and I will, too.) I really hope I can sneak out to catch ShinichirĊ Watanabe! I LOVE his anime XD If they allow video, I may record a bit of that :D I may not be able to upload until next year, though. :3

Thanks for your interest! I love conventions (just can't usually go to them XD That may be changing ;))
Marcel 15th Dec 2019, 7:06 AM edit delete reply
Have fun!
BlueDragon 15th Dec 2019, 8:11 PM edit delete reply
Thanks! I hope so :D Still nervous, though XD
MadJak91 15th Dec 2019, 1:19 PM edit delete reply
That feeling when you should have stayed a pathetic dragon, haha. If that is how he is interpreting it then the best way is to simply believe others will realize demons tend to have their version of the truth. Hm.
BlueDragon 15th Dec 2019, 8:12 PM edit delete reply
Oh to be a dragon!

Let's hope Kanna's smart enough to put two and two together. But....we'll see ;)