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Blog - Announcement and Drawings

Announcement and Drawings

by BlueDragon

Hola everyone! 


We're getting super close to the end of Act 4, in about seven pages! Only seven pages left to go!! So I thought it was time to post another blog. Also, I have a super exciting announcement to make! Brad and I finally have gotten ourselves together and began work on a comic he'd been kicking around surrounding his dog (and now my dog, since we live together  now.) It's call The Whimper in the Dark, and you can read it here on Comic Fury :D  You can view it here:

Here's a look at how this comic will be be drawn:

If I can get a bit of a buffer going again, I'd really like to start posting twice a week again. I've been working more hours lately, though, and I'm working on a second comic (and planning to redo another comic I'd started on years back,) so I'm not certain I'll have a chance to do that anytime soon. Also...working on re-vamp doesn't help. I need to get back to that! Sorry I'm so slow!! But, there's always a lot going on, so please be sure to stop by now and then to check things out!

I'm not sure that I ever posted this here, but I redid an old image of Rhina a few years back. I intend to redo this again, as I am not happy with her hair. Her eyes are a little off, too. But here's a comparrison for your enjoyment!


Until next time, best wishes everyone!