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Blog - Dark Horse Updates Returning!

Dark Horse Updates Returning!

by BlueDragon

Hey everyone! 

I am so sorry for the loooong delay. I've been going through a lot of stuff which took me away from working on this, as well as not having Internet access. I have finally gotten moved and will begin completing Act 4 as soon as I can. The good news is that I do have some new pages scanned and saved: so I'll be able to tone them and post them. I am hoping to have my desk and scanner soon so I can get to work on finishing the rest of Act 4. 


Again, I apologize for being away so long! I have missed being here and look forward to catching up on all the fantastic comics I'm subscibed to, and updating for my readers!!!


Here's a picture I did while I was house sitting: I need to fix the eyes before I ink it. This is no one in particular, just a drawing. 


Thank you for your patience!!


~Blue Dragon