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Blog - What's to come

What's to come

by BlueDragon

Okay, I haven't done a bloggy thing in a while...particularly since I have an actual art blog on WordPress. But I thought I would just update that there are a few more site tweeks coming in the future. I discovered you can change the progression arrows!! So I fully intend to utilize this little perk by making some arrow buttons. But, I'm not sure when I will have a chance to do this, since I'm dog-sitting (no 2005 MAC...though in hind site, I could have brought it) and knee deep in a commission I need to finish. I HATE not having time to art (it's a verb now!) But summer's coming, and I'll be on a 3 day weekend soon. So maybe sometime in June expect that change :D

I plan on cleaning up somethings on site, too. Like...the home page...yeah...junking that or uploading something else there. What do you all think? Is there something you'd personally like to see the 'home" page be? Something to muse over. I am open to suggestions!

Okay...and Act 3 is the last of the kinda older drawings, but not so old? Not as new as Act 4 which I'm working on now :D 

That's something else. Sometime in the future I intend to redo some of Act 1...not right now, but in the future. They were too experimental and I really didn't know what I was doing. As in, the trees look TERRIBLE and I have a lot of awkward "toning" because I didn't have any screentones at the time. I just did grayscale...really. I mean, I seriously colored some of the things, then gray scaled it. 

But those changes are kind of stewing in my mind right now, and I'm pre-occupied with many other things at the moment. It might not really effect up-to-date readers, but new people will see the difference. I'll make an announcement when those changes come, but they won't be part of any updates: I'm just going to exchange images. Whatever act I'm on will still be uploaded regularly :D 

So, I ripped ya'll off last blog! No image! What!? I'm sorry! So here's a finished Odysseus.

He could never dream of being so smarvelous (channelling some Palahniuk there.)

As always, thanks for visiting!

And in the words of my favorite Beatle, Ringo Starr, "Peace and Love!"

~*The Blue Dragon*~