Demons, faeries, and humans clash following the deaths of millions at the hands of a man-made epidemic.
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Web Comics Library Online Convention Streaming now!

by BlueDragon
I should have posted this half an hour ago!

The Web Comics Library web comic convention is going on NOW!
Streaming on Twitch

Right now, there's a discussion of inking, while watching two wonderful artists ink!
Magial Girls Panel in half and hour 3pm EST
Publishing in an Online Space 4pm EST
Figure Drawing with AdorkaStock 5pm EST

And more tomorrow! 2pm EST-6pm EST

Check it out, if you'd like to learn about these subjects :D

Announcements (Events & Projects) and Act Seven, The Crystal Lotus, Complete and Updating soon!

by BlueDragon
Holy shit! I've got so many updates to share, and on top of that I'm going to be starting a big update.

  • Comic Fury Zine, NSFW Edition is ready for you to read, enjoy, and share! As usual, the comickers did a fantastic job, and they're all our very own Comic Furians, so please check it out here:
    If you feel comfortable with sharing NSFW content, please share the link :D
  • Next project! JammytheBirb organized and put together a Pride Month zine, Natural Wonders, celebrating the green stripe of the flag, nature! But the great thing is, this zine also celebrates other aspects of Pride Month. Eleven artists, including myself, submitted various mediums (art, comics, writings) to make this zine truly fantastic! The Kickstarter is running now, but only has 24 days left! So please check out the Natural Wonders Kickstarter. Funding will allow for this zine to be printed, and it helps support independent artists!
  • August 21 and 22, 2021 I will be a panalist on Magical Girls in Web Comics  3pm (the event entire convention begins 2pm EST) streaming on Twitch! This event is hosted by the Webcomics Library and Aradia Magical Girl Collective! The event is free. If you're interested, check out @WebcomicLibrary or @AradiaCollect on Twitter! The event takes place from 2pm-6pm EST on both Saturday and Sunday. There are around 13 panelists, and a variety of topcis to be covered! From drawing magical girl poses, to music enhancing comics, to font and typesetting! If you want to learn more about the process, please consider viewing this online convention!!
  • I am going to be updating this website today! So things are going to be in a bit of disarray for a few hours. What am I updating? Well, you saw it in the title. Last Friday, I just finished Act Seven: The Crystal Lotus! I am SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED! Completing this revamp act gets me one step closer to removing all pages that read right to left, AND catches me up even closer being done with the revamp in general. This means a lot to me, because once I've completed this revamp, I will be able to apply for Spider Forest. I could technically do it now, but I've already commited to keeping the confusion for readers down by completeing this before applying. This will also take a load off of me, so I can focus more on building a buffer and taking on other projects/work. My projection for completion of this revamp is sometime in the first quarter of 2022. So, apologies for all the dust, and much gratitude for all of you sticking around in spite of the contruction!! Thank you!!!

    And that's all for this announcement. I think to limit the amount of messages you receive from me, I am just going to update the pages, and I won't announce when it's finished. If you'd like to read The Crystal Lotus when it's uploaded, please pop in tomorrow! It'll be done by then :3 Act 7 is only 23 pages long. So thanks for reading!

    Take care, be safe, and keep on truckin'!

    ~Blue Dragon/Ashleen

    Page samples:


Server Move Complete!

by BlueDragon
Blog title says it all.

If anyone's having issues reading/commenting/rating/what have you, please let me, or Kyo, know (hey, that rhymes).

Thread for server move completion.

Take care ya'll! And thanks for your patience.

Planned Down Time to Comic Fury Website-Head's Up!

by BlueDragon
Hello everyone!

Since I know there are probably visitors who do not have Comic Fury accounts and may not have recieved the message, Comic Fury's creator, Kyo, is moving the entirety of Comic Fury from DreamHost to a new server to allow for "https" (which is the "secure" version of urls), as well as other new server perks (ideally, less 404, and site shutdowns). I'm not a big tech person, so this is all laymen's terms and may not be 100% accurate in my assessment, so please forgive any techicial inaccuracies this message contains.

I will be posting another abbreviated blog once Kyo announces when the assumed shutdowns will be. For most of this move, comic pages across the entire site will still be uploading as scheduled (so Dark Horse's schedule shouldn't be affected—to be honest, I've got pages scheduled out to the end of August, so your reading shouldn't be too disrupted). There will be a period of time when comics are going to be "read only," which means comments will not be saved.

If you do have any questions (since I may not be able to answer them), I defintiely suggest checking out Kyo's thread in the Announcements section of the forum.

I'll try my best to keep you all posted! Thank you all for reading! I hope you've been enjoying the story :D

Take care,

~Blue Dragon

Pages getting updated! Mind the construction :D

by BlueDragon
Hey there!

I am just sending this message to anyone reading only the redone/revamp of Dark Horse (or anyone wanting to see changes). Main story is the same, but I've been not only updating art, but tweaking, you know, having Rin actually TALK about the nightmare sequence in the previous that it's somewhat relevant and not just out of the blue, then gone again XD XD

The pages following Act 5 are going to be in a bit of a disarray as I'm updating the old with the new again, but I hope to have this process done in a couple hours :D It's only 26 pages, so hopefully I can go pretty quick :3

Also, we update as usual today, but I promised one more web short, so there's gonna be a post at 5:45pm (I have my account set to Pacific, but it posts sooner o_O), and the actual update at 6:00pm.

I hope everyone has a safe and lovely weekend!


P. S.

Here's a sample of changes (old first, new later):

Annnnnnnnd final sample of Act 6 revamp/The Uninvited:

Enjoy! And feel free to check it out when it's updated (like I said, should be done by Saturday, May 15, if not sooner :3)

No Post Tomorrow

by BlueDragon
Hey everyone,

Just a head's up. I have one last "Web Short" planned, but since Brad's getting his stint out tomorrow, there's not going to be a post.

I'm going to have two posts next week: the last "web short" and the cover for the next act. I will post one on Wenesday and the other on Friday.

Thanks for your understanding! With any luck this will be the last big event for....a while? I'll see ya'll next week :)



Head's Up-Very short hiatus (Ideally)

by BlueDragon
I'm sorry to write this. I know if I pushed myself, I could get the timeline ready for Friday, but my partner's been having gallbladder issues for years, with the newest spell hitting him on his birthday back on Feb. 17, 2021. Then, the week of February 21, he had upset stomache, but was able to keep things down. By Monday, he was sick vomitting anything he ate. We thought he had the flu or food poisoning, because I don't eat meat or animal products, and the only difference in our diet was eggs and chicken that week: I was not sick, so we ruled out the flu and thought it was food related illness. 

I tried the BRATs diet, but he kept getting sick, and he kept putting off going to the Urgent Care because we don't have health insurance (he's been getting interviews, but one went bad because the gallbladder attack was of course during his second interview test). By Friday I set the appointment for him and made him go to the urgent care.

Long and the short, last Friday/Saturday morning we were at the Urgent Care all night until 8pm or so, and they sent us to the ER. He had a blockage which lead to his gallbladder being removed Monday. I brought him home yesterday (against my better judgement), but this morning at 7:30 he fell unconscious and cut his chin open, and I have been at the ER literally since 8:00a (I had to rush the dogs out and let the ambulence take him ahead of my coming).

So while all the characters are colored, and the timeline scripted out, I am too goddamn exhausted to work on anything today. I am sorry, but I am just so drained.

This year...last year...everyone I know is just falling apart. It's getting really fucking hard to keep positive. It's kind of a lot...I have up until this point been able to keep up, but everytime I start to catch up some major catastrophe happens. I have to focus on caring for him at the moment. I know you will all understand, but I wanted to send this message because I know there are comments I haven't been able to keep up with, and I feel bad for not being able to respond.

I don't think this will be a long hiatus. I am just going between the hospital and coming home for our dogs who can't be locked up on all day. I am finding it hard to squeeze in working (though I'd been juggling it pretty well up until today). Today was scary. I don't want to share the details, but I have no one to talk to, so I'm writing this blog. I mean, I could call my mom, but she's dealing with caring for Dad, and I don't want to stress her more.

I project to be able to post something next Friday. Thank you for your patience and understanding, and sorry for this long drawn out blog. I would like to think of myself as a private person, but I guess not. This year has taken a toll on that.

Thank you, and take care.

Blue Dragon/Ashleen

Integrated Comment Box

by BlueDragon
I will *hopefully* not make another blog post for a while (I don't want to intrude too much into people's time XD).

So between my *slight* understanding of copying and pasting coding per everyone else's instruction, and my partner coming over and taking pity on my attempts to follow Kyo's instruction, we were able to install the integrated comment box Kyo coded a while back. And with my partner's help, we made it kinda pretty :3

But I'm unsure about how glaring white the box is against the darker background. We tried in several places to darken the text that's part of the comment box (the embed html option, and the black text  "Leave a Comment" section outside the box).

As far as Brad can tell, it's got to do something with Kyo's code for the comment box, and we could not change the font color no matter how we tried XD (He's more of Python coding dude than HTML.) So instead we looked at Luzbug's website (she's amazing, by the way, go read Krazy Noodle Massacre!) and inspected her code to see how she did it. Long and the short, we ended up settling on a lighter colored box so the black text would stand out. But if it's hurting people's eyes, I know now how to tweek the box colors, and I can manipulate that if it's something that you readers want :3

So just let me know if the boxes look horrible and are making your eyes bleed.

Thanks!  And thanks for reading :D

~Blue Dragon
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